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blue and borderlined

by Cynthia Lin

blue and borderlined i got a suitcase gotta get out of this place i'm used to running fast used to things that don't last i'm headed to the sea she traps and troubles me (that's what i need) storms to churn and rage to free me from this cage fly away to where the water meets the sky fly away got you tattooed on my mind blue and borderlined i got these aching wings you got your anchor strings and you'll just let me go you'll never fight you'll never know fly away to where the water meets the sky fly away got you tattooed on my mind fly away so no one can say goodbye fly away feel you fading from my mind horizon fading far behind blue and borderlined
sing my song 02:51
sing my song he's got a smile that lights the night he's got tender lips that always feel right he's got arms that circle me tight as we're dancing till dawn but nothing turns me on like the way he sings my song when we're swaying under the moon when the summer nite is humming a lovely tune a voice in my ear makes me swoon for what's coming along he knows he can't go wrong cuz i love it when he sings my song when he sings my song i lose all control when he sings my song i hear it deep down in my soul i melt in his embrace i lift up my eyes and see in his smiling face that i've finally found the place where i belong this love will last forever long cuz he knows just how to sing my knows just how to sing my knows just how to sing my song
california 03:16
california when it's cold and grey i lose my hope for a better day i watch tv, read myself to sleep bury 'neath the covers for some heat i know you'd help me through this you'd keep me warm if you were here inspire my thoughts and hopes but you're in california far away from me sitting on the stoop i remember when i sang for you you made me radiate all through the smoke-filled city the light in your eyes made me burn alive and this poor heart didn't know how cold it would return to be wish you could help me through this i miss you singing in my ear sometimes i think i hear you but you're in california so far away from me wish i had some wings a magic wand or magic rings to make you appear when i'm needing you here why is this country so big and our timeframe so small that we'd only be together till the breaking of fall you tried to help me through this three thousand miles far or near i know you're thinking of me but you're in california california california, i'm coming home california i see you basking in the sun smiling on the ocean are you thinking of me? i know you're thinking of me
sketches 03:13
sketches i'm swimming in another place close my eyes and there's no trace of light of mind of resolution mojo brother singing in my dreams my love in armor screening schemes my body screaming in confusion and i give in to you i give in silence seeps into my veins peace and paradise like chains to pull me deeper through this hole relinquishing the need for air leaving life without despair and not a single prayer to save this soul open mouth i'm drowning swallow there's no air in sight fists fight and meet no match defeated by the night and i give in to you and i give in to sweet oblivion and i give in to you and i give in
i'm shy 02:45
i'm shy please don't tease me i'm shy m mouth gets dry whenever you pass by i've got a big heart but no way to show it maybe i'll keep staring and somehow you might know it don't want to scare you but i think i'm in love it's written in the stars above i look up at the sky as you pass by wish i could show you but i'm shy


Cynthia's debut EP.


released January 27, 2005




Cynthia Lin Honolulu, Hawaii

Cynthia Lin is a Youtube sensation and modern-day jazz ukulele diva. Through her popular YouTube channel (40+ million views) and approachable teaching style, Cynthia helps people across the world discover the joy of ukulele.

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